Grant Parker

Grant Parker started tuning cars in the early 90's when street cars were becoming serious bits of kit.

One of Grants most renowned cars was his 2.0l 16v MK1 VW Golf-GTI running on bike carbs and Nitrous putting out 280bhp and running in the top 10 at GTI international 1/4mile sprints.
From here running into the late 1990's Grants MK2 VW Golf GTI fitted with a 1.9tdi Pd engine and a 6 speed box was running 260bhp, this beast won quickest diesel at GTI International with (at the time) a staggering 13.40s.

From here Grants builds, at the turn of the millennium, just got bonkers for street drag-racing cars. A Quattro MK1-GTI powered by a 2226cc 5-Cyl’ Turbo motor which originally pushed 460bhp was now boosting 850+bhp and became the quickest VW Golf at GTI International and the Uk, this crazy beast was also one of the quickest in Europe for 6 years, winning the 0-60mph challenge achieving a best of 2.47sec, and all this…in a ROAD LEGAL car!

 What’s even more amazing is almost 20 years later Grants well documented and very famous car is currently being outfitted with an incredible 1000bhp+ power house…watch this space!

Grant currently runs a Seat Ibiza Cupra 1.9TDI Track Car putting out 300bhp, (low smoke) 408bhp on the Dyno (smokey map) and an Audi UR Quattro 20v running 480bhp.

Grants knowledge and experience over the years has produced some of the quickest VW Audi's in the Uk. He has assisted in tuning specs and Turbos for some of the quickest cars and motorcycles in Europe, including Drag Racers, Rally-Cross, Fast Road Cars, Hayabusa Turbo bikes and is the man who builds and supplies Turbos for the world’s fastest woman who achieved an absolutely mind bending 267mph on her GP Turbo powered Suzuki Hayabusa land-speed record breaking machine.
We think it’s safe to say, you’re in safe hands here…a world of knowledge at your fingertips!

Welcome to GP Turbos, Grant Parkers living legacy...